I will be scheduling some repairs to our courts in order to get through the Fall and Winter League- We will attempt to get these done on a Mon-Tues pattern not to disrupt play or ALTA. I will block these out as soon as we know the dates.

Stay tuned for some great information in the upcoming NEWSLETTER YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS!

CLINICS FOR ANYONE INTERESTED…….with Michael Popienko, U.S.P.T.A. Certified Tennis Pro

I have been reaching out to a couple of tennis pro’s in the area to see if we can get some interest in having a good go to guy that can provide clinics for our neighborhood demographics…..Michael has worked with some neighbors and has come to us with great reviews…. I have had some good conversations with him and wanted to see if we can introduce him to our next men’s practice for Hedgerow that we will announce here next week- Right now we are looking at Monday Night Sept. 26 at 8pm-9:30pm.  I was thinking he could do a solid hour and a half work on drills, ball machine for about $5 a player to see if it goes well.

 More ideas we want to look at if interest is there-

 Focus Areas:
·         Clinic for Kids to kick off- Make this a free 1st time hour clinic- get folks interested and when they come to this have all other  groups ready to sign up.
·         Kids clinic sessions- let me know cost per person- how many max per class, times etc…..
·         Mens- Singles lessons
·         Mens- Alta practice Clinics
·         Womens-Group Lessons possibly singles
·         Womens- Alta practice clinics

We have a new court reservation system!
All court reservations for June 1, 2008, or later must be made using either the online or telephone systems. Login at or call 1-877-ON-COURT (662-6878) anytime day or night to reserve courts. For instructions for the online system, click the button at left.

We believe this system will eliminate many scheduling issues and make it more convenient for everyone. This scheduling system is free of charge and operates on advertisement revenue much like many web pages. If you have a business or service, please consider using this system for a banner as associations such as ours benefit greatly!

Please let Tennis Chair, Christina Firth at, know if you are looking for players or have news you would like to post on the web page. Hopefully, everyone will soon be tuning into the reservation page for news and scheduling.

Tennis Court Hours of Operation
7 am – 10:30 pm

ALTA Facility #’s (ALTA website)
HRI – 394
HRIII – 1276

Additional Resources

Hedgerow Tennis Rules

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