Common Courtesy Request

Greetings, Neighbors!

The Board has received complaints about drivers not Stopping at Stop signs.  One homeowner was almost involved in a car accident in Hedgerow V because another driver did not Stop at the Stop sign.  For the safety of everyone, please be considerate – Stop means STOP!!!


Warmer weather and longer days, means more walkers, runners and children are out and about.  The Speed Limit is 25 MPH in the neighborhood.  It’s easy to get in a hurry to get home or to get somewhere, but please SLOW DOWN and be mindful of others in the neighborhood.


Last, as more people spend time outside, please be considerate of how loud your music is when you are playing it outside.  The volume should be at level for you to hear but not your neighbors.  Please be aware of how sound travels so your neighbors are not having to listen to music that is not theirs.

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