Message from the President

Hello neighbors!
This is Geri, your HOA President.  I have a couple of serious concerns about the common areas of our neighborhood and a few updates to report.
1 – The Hedgerow HOA (HHOA) Board has been made aware of unauthorized work on the exterior door to the men’s bathroom at Hedgerow I pool.  1) A deadbolt lock was installed on the door, thus preventing access to the bathroom and 2) the hydraulic door closer was dismantled thereby rendering it useless.  
It is the HHOA Board’s responsibility to make any changes and/or improvements to the common areas within the Hedgerow community.  These unauthorized changes create additional expense to every homeowner if we have to reverse, replace and/or repair changes that are made without proper Board approval.  If you have a complaint or wish to make a suggestion on improvements about the common areas then please send an email to  In addition, unauthorized tampering with community property is considered vandalism and if we catch you we will prosecute you.
If you are at either pool and see someone doing work please don’t assume that they are supposed to be there (unless it’s Nautix), please text any board member or email me immediately.
2 – On the evening of July 7th or the morning of July 8th, the women’s bathroom and the retaining wall by the pool at Hedgerow V were vandalized. The bathroom mirror and the retaining wall were spray painted with vulgar language using silver paint.  If anyone has any knowledge or information about this vandalism, please let me know. We suspect the action was taken by teen girls and I have a few names of keycard owners that entered the pool enclosure around the time of the vandalism, I am still investigating. If anyone suspects their child(ren) may have been involved, please have a serious conversation with them.
3 – On a more pleasant note, the HHOA Board has voted to forgo the $2,000 initiation fee that is required in order to become a permanent member of the association. From now through December 31, 2016, if you have not yet become a permanent member of the HHOA being ruled under the current covenants, you may join free of charge and begin paying yearly dues of $695.00 on March 1, 2017. Simply send me an email to and let me know you wish to join.
The reason for this incentive is that we believe it is in the best interest of our community to have everyone be a part of the association, thus granting everyone the right to vote.  Becoming a permanent member also ensures that a future buyer of your home WILL NOT have to pay the $2,000 initiation fee.  The initiation fee could be a deal breaker for many buyers.  
4 – New pavilion construction will begin October 2. The current pavilions will be torn down and replaced with new materials. We believe this upgrade will make our community more appealing to current residents and prospective new ones.
5 – The board is in the process of making amendments to the covenants regarding rentals in Hedgerow. I am including a letter from the HHOA attorney describing what we intend to amend so you are aware of what is going on. 
You will receive a ballot in the mail in a few months once everything is finalized and official.  You will be able to vote for or against the covenant amendments at that time. Please email me with any questions or concerns to
6 – Our next Homeowners meeting will be in October. A date and location will be announced in September.

Community Watch Update – Please Read

This update came to us through one of our neighbors (originally posted by The Country Club of the South), and was confirmed by the Roswell PD.

“There have been recent reports made by local citizens of Alpharetta/Johns Creek area regarding the suspicious conduct of a white male described as medium build, silver in color hair, approximately 60 years of age. One incident occurred at Haynes Bridge Shopping Ctr.  (Where the Publix is located). A man in a red dodge Dakota truck was slowly driving by with a skeleton mask on his face, a puppet on his hand asking kids if they want a ride.

Sunday, The same male with the mask and puppet was seen again, this time approaching kids with toys in a local McDonald’s  then sitting outside the playground with carnival/kids music playing as he danced his puppet around.

This man is driving a Red Dodge Dakota truck with a camper top on the back and bobble heads on the passenger side dash board. The local JC Police Department have identified the male as a person living in the 30022 area, however, he has not been charged with any crime.

This information is being sent as an awareness alert for parents so appropriate precautions may be taken. Our Security staff are being briefed on this information and will be on the lookout at the gates and while making perimeter checks of the property. The local police are aware of the identify of the person and are on the look out for him at all times, but if you see him, notify the police by calling 911.”

So What’s With All Those New Doors at the H1 Pool House

The new doors were installed just prior to the pool season start and we appreciate everyone’s interest and concern over their usage.  The HHOA Board decided to have the doors installed several reasons, Can you guess which one below is correct?

  1. Two doors just aren’t enough, four is the optimal
  2. We think people playing tennis should never have to mingle with pool goers
  3. Twice the access, means twice the fun!
  4. Depending on your business at hand, you can use Door #1 or Door #2
  5. None of the Above

If you guessed, “None of the Above”, you are exactly correct.  The doors are for a very specific purpose and it has little to do with pool season.  In fact, during the pool season, those doors on the outside of the pool area will remain bolted.  They will only be utilized when the pool season has come to a close.  At that time, the pool gate will be bolted so that no one may enter the pool area unless they are specifically providing maintenance services or have official business with the pool.

Why go through all this trouble?

Well, kids being kids (and some adults being kids), there has been some behavior that occurs specifically in the off season that needed to be stopped.  One such event involved some brilliant hegies that decided running across the pool cover in the frozen winter months was an intelligent way to spend a few hours.  This was just one incident of many, including beer cans and late night fireworks displays, that brought the open access to the pool area to a close in the non-pool season.  Liability being what it is these days, it appeared time to block off the pool to all residents when the pool season is no longer in session.

Which brings me back to those stylish new doors!  When pool season is over, tennis season is still rolling on.  To facilitate access to the facilities, we had to install the new doors and they will be opened to use in the off season.  The doors that access the pool area will then be bolted shut for the duration of the non-pool season.

Thank you to everyone who brought these issues to our attention.


ATTENTION: The Vehicle Responsible for the Burglary of a Home in Hedgerow II in January is believed to have been spotted again by the owner of the home burglarized.


The car was an older Bronco or Cherokee, kind of a dark teal blue or blue/green color.  The driver was a blonde male.  My neighbor and I saw it about 3:45 this afternoon as we were standing in my front lawn. Perhaps it was nothing, but it really struck me how similar it was to the car that was in our driveway during our robbery.



On Thursday, January 21st, in Hedgerow II, on Singing Post Lane, a home was broken into and completely ransacked.

This occurred at roughly 2:30pm and the homeowner had only just left to pick up their kids from the bus stop.  The vehicle was an older model blue SUV (lighter blue) and was very loud (bad muffler).  This vehicle was seen earlier in a cul-de-sac in Hedgerow I, and we now believe they were specifically watching homes to see when someone left.  When the homeowner left, the burglars parked right in the driveway facing out and one man stayed in the car with it running, while the other ransacked the house and took EVERYTHING of value.  This only took them between 15 and 20 minutes.  The suspect in the car was a young male (late teens early twenties).  The suspect who fled on foot out the back of the house was also a white male.  They appeared to be using bluetooth headsets to stay in contact during the burglary.

The burglars gained access through the back porch door by prying open the door.

IMPORTANT: The homeowner came home and surprised them.  The man in the SUV saw the garage door begin to open (homeowner triggered that while pulling up) and the approaching homeowner’s car.  The man was calm and backed up further in the driveway, lowered his window, and literally waved the homeowner to come on into the garage.  He kept his head down like he was working on some paperwork.  The homeowner smartly realized something and pulled in front of the house instead.  At that point, he sped out of the driveway at high speed and raced away.  At that point the homeowner saw someone in the house through the window and then saw them take off through woods at the back of the house.

The police confirmed that a house behind Lassiter High School had the same thing happen a day or so before, with the same M.O.  Very fast burglars, professional in their attack, ransack the entire house, every drawer, every cupboard, every room.  Even the kitchen cabinets were completely emptied onto the floor looking for cash and valuables.

In a matter of 15 minutes the house was ransacked, electronics, computer, jewelry, firesafe, personal paperwork, all taken.  Even the childrens rooms were trashed.

On a positive note, the driver was seen by another neighbor and a report was made with the car type and description of the man.  PLEASE keep your house secure, garage doors closed, windows and doors locked.  Lets utilize our strength as a tight knit neighborhood to communicate and watch out for one another.  If anything looks out of the orndinary, dont hesitate to call the police or 911.  Better to be safe than sorry.  Also, for us moms that are home throughout the day….. keep your doors locked.  You are not obligated to open the door for anyone!  You don’t need to assist or help anyone that comes to your door that you dont know, remember our first priority is the safety of our family.  Keep your door SHUT and tell them to leave their information on the front stoop.

Thanks, and stay safe,

Rachelle Day

Cobb County Police Start Emergency Notification System

Register your phone number for CodeRED emergency notification

Cobb County is launching a reverse-911 system called CodeRED high-speed notification solution. On Monday, Feb. 1, the system will call every land line registered in the county encouraging people to register by visiting and clicking on the CodeRED Reverse 911 Registration tab. The system affords the ability to communicate time sensitive messages to targeted areas or the entire county. This will be especially helpful in delivering important information during an emergency. The system is only as effective as the telephone number database supporting it, so residents are strongly encouraged to add their home and mobile phone numbers. All businesses should register, as well as residents who have unlisted numbers, changed their phone numbers or addresses within the past year or those who use cell phones or VoIP phones as their primary numbers. It is important to register cell phone numbers as well. The information provided will only be used for emergency notification purposes. To register, visit


Attention: Police Alert on Potential Dangerous Person near Elementary School Bus Stops

This was just brought to our attention by a Hedgerow Resident.  Please work with your fellow parents to ensure that bus stops are monitored by at least one parent (preferably more) until the kids are on the bus and on their way.



From: Timber Ridge PTA

Cobb County Campus Police requested that we provide the below information to you through the PENS Program.
It is undetermined at this time what the intentions are of this individual but it is at least suspicious. Please share this with everyone and call 9-1-1 immediately should this situation be observed—

They have received a concern about a white male (mid 20’s, tattoos on both arms) driving a black Ford Mustang attempting to interact in a conversation or physically shaking the hands of elementary school students at the intersection of Cochran Lakes @ Fricks Road (off Wesley Chapel) while the students are waiting for their school bus. This is occurring in the morning hours between 0700 and 0730 hours.

This is in the Shallowford Falls Elementary area and came from The Police Email Notification System PENS