2017 Board Members

The following are the new Board Members and their positions:
President – Hayley Bradt
Vice President – Jay DeSilva
Secretary – Danielle Hahn
Treasurer – Matthew Townsend
Architectural Control Chair – Allison Camillo
Grounds Chair – Valerie Millard
Pool Chair – Cara Barron

Important Upcoming Dates: Dumpsters , Oktoberfest & Annual HOA Meeting

Hedgerow Neighbors–Please be aware of the following important neighborhood announcements.

Dumpsters Available at Both Pools from Sept 29 – Oct 3

  • See earlier post for rules of use


Pools close Sunday, October 2 for the season


Oktoberfest Party for all Hedgerow neighborhoods
Friday, October 7 at 7:30 p.m. at HI Pavilion

  • Live Music! Hors D’Oeuvres provided, but please BYOB.



Proposed Covenant Amendment: Rental Properties

July 2016

Dear Homeowners:

The Hedgerow Homeowners Association, Inc.’s (“Association”) Board of Directors is seeking homeowner input from Full Active Permanent Members regarding a proposed amendment to the Restated and Amended Declaration of Protective Covenants and Easements for Hedgerow to control leasing/renting in the community. The Association Board has raised this issue with the thought that a limit on the total number of homes that may be leased/rented at one time will help protect property values and ensure the community meets most mortgage lenders’ underwriting requirements for future sales of homes in the community.

The draft amendment provides for Lots that are being leased/rented as of the Effective Date of the amendment to be “Grandfathered” such that those Owners would be allowed to lease/rent their Lots for as long as they own their Lots. The amendment draft also includes a Hardship Lease Permit provision that will allow the Board to consider special circumstances on a case by case basis and to allow additional hardship lease permits as the Board may deem beneficial to the community.

The proposed amendment draft also authorizes the Association to deny and/or revoke leasing permits for anyone shown on the Association’s books and records as being more than 30 days past due in the payment of assessments and charges to the Association, or who are in violation of the Association’s governing legal documents. The draft also requires the payment of a Lease/Rental Administration Fee to help offset the administrative costs the Association will incur in having to coordinate and manage the leasing permit efforts.

All Owners leasing/renting at the time of the Amendment will be Grandfathered, but must provide the Board copies of their leases/rentals in order to be allowed to continue to lease for so long as they own their Lot. All Grandfathered Owners who lease in the future must provide copies of the leases accordingly as well.

The Board would like your input and feedback regarding this proposed amendment.

Please let the Board Members know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the amendment or the process for amending, and if you have comments, concerns or requested changes.


Board of Directors

Message from the President

Hello neighbors!
This is Geri, your HOA President.  I have a couple of serious concerns about the common areas of our neighborhood and a few updates to report.
1 – The Hedgerow HOA (HHOA) Board has been made aware of unauthorized work on the exterior door to the men’s bathroom at Hedgerow I pool.  1) A deadbolt lock was installed on the door, thus preventing access to the bathroom and 2) the hydraulic door closer was dismantled thereby rendering it useless.  
It is the HHOA Board’s responsibility to make any changes and/or improvements to the common areas within the Hedgerow community.  These unauthorized changes create additional expense to every homeowner if we have to reverse, replace and/or repair changes that are made without proper Board approval.  If you have a complaint or wish to make a suggestion on improvements about the common areas then please send an email to conacthhoa@gmail.com.  In addition, unauthorized tampering with community property is considered vandalism and if we catch you we will prosecute you.
If you are at either pool and see someone doing work please don’t assume that they are supposed to be there (unless it’s Nautix), please text any board member or email me immediately.
2 – On the evening of July 7th or the morning of July 8th, the women’s bathroom and the retaining wall by the pool at Hedgerow V were vandalized. The bathroom mirror and the retaining wall were spray painted with vulgar language using silver paint.  If anyone has any knowledge or information about this vandalism, please let me know. We suspect the action was taken by teen girls and I have a few names of keycard owners that entered the pool enclosure around the time of the vandalism, I am still investigating. If anyone suspects their child(ren) may have been involved, please have a serious conversation with them.
3 – On a more pleasant note, the HHOA Board has voted to forgo the $2,000 initiation fee that is required in order to become a permanent member of the association. From now through December 31, 2016, if you have not yet become a permanent member of the HHOA being ruled under the current covenants, you may join free of charge and begin paying yearly dues of $695.00 on March 1, 2017. Simply send me an email to conacthhoa@gmail.com and let me know you wish to join.
The reason for this incentive is that we believe it is in the best interest of our community to have everyone be a part of the association, thus granting everyone the right to vote.  Becoming a permanent member also ensures that a future buyer of your home WILL NOT have to pay the $2,000 initiation fee.  The initiation fee could be a deal breaker for many buyers.  
4 – New pavilion construction will begin October 2. The current pavilions will be torn down and replaced with new materials. We believe this upgrade will make our community more appealing to current residents and prospective new ones.
5 – The board is in the process of making amendments to the covenants regarding rentals in Hedgerow. I am including a letter from the HHOA attorney describing what we intend to amend so you are aware of what is going on. 
You will receive a ballot in the mail in a few months once everything is finalized and official.  You will be able to vote for or against the covenant amendments at that time. Please email me with any questions or concerns to contacthhoa@gmail.com.
6 – Our next Homeowners meeting will be in October. A date and location will be announced in September.

March and April Board Minutes Available

The Hedgerow HOA board meeting minutes for March and April 2016 are now available at the links below:

March 2016 

April 2016



Latest HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Attached are the meeting minutes from the January 2016 Hedgerow HOA board meeting:

January 2016 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

In addition, here are minutes from November/December 2015:

HHOA Nov and Dec 2015 Meeting Minutes dtd 11.12.15


Info For Sending Annual HOA Fees

Remember to mail your annual HOA dues ($695) prior to the March 1 deadline. Below is the address for sending dues:
Hedgerow Homeowners Association
c/o CMA
P.O.Box 65851
Phoenix, AZ 85082-5851