School is out and we are getting ready for another great year at the Hedgerow pools! As in years past, we will continue to use pool cards to help keep track of Hedgerow pool members. There are several reasons for this:

  • It will help ensure our Hedgerow neighbors are the ones using our pools.
  • It encourages our guard to check and get to know people that regularly use the pools. Checks will be done during adult swim.
  • It will help keep our pool in compliance with county codes as gates must be closed when possible.

This means besides having your new pool card on hand, you will also need your new pool key. There is even a hole punched in the card to hold your key!

It will take everyone’s efforts to get into the habit of bringing your key and card to the pool. Because our guards will be checking them regularly, it will be your responsibility to bring them or send them with your children (ages 10-18) who will be using the pool.  Note that minor children (ages 10-18) must take a swim test and wear a Hedgerow/Nautix wristband in order to use the pool.

If you have children who wish to use the pool, then please sign and return the Minor Swim Release.2012.  If you plan to let them go to the pool on their own, then please sign and retun the Unattended Pool Use Release.2012.  Check the rules below for age restrictions on this activity.  These forms are required to be signed before children may use the pools.  Once signed, please return them to any off the pool committee members listed below. Then, when we have received both your paperwork and your family HHOA member dues, you will receive your pool card, new pool key, and wristbands (if applicable).

Feel free to call your pool committee members with any questions.

Hedgerow Homeowners Association

Pool Rules 2014

I. Pool Philosophy

The Hedgerow pools are a pivotal part of the common areas and amenities available to Full Active Association Members and are a social hub for Hedgerow families during the hot Georgia summers.  The Pool Committee, with the full support of the Board, is committed to providing a fun, safe, and respectful environment for our membership, made possible by similar commitment from the members themselves.  The pools are not de facto day camps, nor are the lifeguards to be considered baby-sitters, and we are all ultimately responsible for contributing to a positive environment.

II. General Rules

  1. Pool access is restricted to Full Active Members of the HOA and qualified, sponsored Seasonal Members.  Non-participating Charter members and Permanent members serving suspensions are not eligible for access; neither as full active members nor as guests of full active members
  2. All individuals aged 10-18 using the pool must wear a Hedgerow/Nautix-issued swim bracelet visible to the lifeguard at all times.
  3. The lifeguard has complete authority to enforce the rules and to take whatever action is necessary to maintain safety, order, and decorum at the pools.  This includes limited suspension of pool rights and, with Board approval, suspension of pool access for the entire season.
  4. Once every hour, the lifeguard on duty is entitled to a ten (10) minute break. For the purposes of promoting their health, safety and welfare, all swimmers must exit the pool.
  5. No running, pushing, or horseplay will be tolerated. Pool games will be limited at the discretion of the lifeguard.
  6. Proper bathing attire is required.  No thong suits or cutoffs will be allowed.
  7. NO glassware is permitted in the pool enclosure.
  8. No bicycles, tricycles, skates, skateboards, etc. are permitted on the pool deck or tennis courts.
  9. Idle chatting with the lifeguard, and hanging on the lifeguard stand, is not permitted while the lifeguard is on duty.
  10. The lifeguard stand is off limits during Swim at Your Own Risk hours.
  11. Only one (1) person at a time is allowed on the diving board.
  12. The area in front of and beneath the diving board must be clear before diving.
  13. It is the responsibility of the member and their guests to clean up after themselves when using the pool and covered area. This is especially important when using the facilities during the Swim at Your Own Risk hours.
  14. Please inform the pool committee if the pool area and/or bathrooms need cleaning or repairs.
  15. There will not be any filling of baby pools.
  16. A parent must physically be in the pool water with any child age three (3) and under even if they have floatation devices on their body.
  17. Swim lessons may only be conducted during off-peak hours.

III. Age Requirements

  1. Children under age 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult when a lifeguard is not present.  Anyone violating this rule will be suspended from both pools for the entire season.
  2. Children age 10 and older without an accompanying adult will be admitted to the pool during Lifeguard on Duty hours only.  The lifeguard will be checking the list of members to verify the age of your children. In addition, the lifeguard will be conducting a swim test to verify that your child can swim well enough to be at the pool by him/herself without an adult.
  3. Children under age 10 MUST be accompanied by a parent or a parent-appointed guardian (babysitter) at all times.  This guardian (babysitter) must be at least 15 years old and assumes responsibility for the children in their care in the same manner as the parent.
  4. Children under 10 and other non-qualified swimmers must pass a test determined by the lifeguard before being allowed to enter the deep end.

IV. Health and Safety

  1. Standard Red Cross safety rules apply at all times.  People with communicable diseases and open sores will be restricted from pool usage.
  2. Only clean bodies are allowed in the pool. Use the shower prior to entering the pool if necessary.
  3. The pools may be closed for operational, health, or safety reasons at the discretion of the pool Maintenance Company or Hedgerow Homeowners Association.
  4. Non-potty-trained children MUST wear a “swim diaper” with snug fitting plastic pants over the swim diaper. This is required according to the health department. When children have accidents in the pool, the pool must be shut down for a period of 24 hours.

V. Hours of Operation

  1. Hedgerow I pool is closed on Wednesdays and Hedgerow V pool is closed on Tuesdays.
  2. The pools will open on Thursday, May 24 at 4:00 p.m. The Swim at Your Own Risk hours are 8AM until 11PM. Lifeguard on-duty hours are from 12 noon until 6PM Sunday through Thursday, and 12 noon until 8PM on Friday and Saturday except on above noted closed days.
  3. When the pools are closed on their respective days, Swim at Your Own Risk hours apply, subject to private pool party schedules.  A sign will be posted on the pool gate if there is a pool party scheduled for that day, noting the hours.
  4. The pool main gate must be kept closed and locked at all times. Pool keys may be purchased for a $5 fee from a pool committee person. If your key is lost, you must purchase a new one.

VI. Members and Guests

  1. The lifeguard will have a list of eligible Full Active Members and Seasonal Members in his/her possession.
  2. One guest per family member will be allowed to use the pools and must be accompanied by the member.  There will not be a guest fee imposed on local or out-of-town guests.
  3. Non-participating Charter members, and Permanent members serving suspensions, are not eligible for access; neither as full active members nor as guests of full active members.

VII. Private Parties

A pool may be reserved for private parties on the day that the pool is normally closed, Wednesdays for Hedgerow I pool and Tuesdays for Hedgerow V pool.  The following procedures apply:

  1. The host must register the party with pool committee member, Geri Schitea for HI pool, by reserving the allotted time on the Pool Party Calendar
  2. After reserving the date with Hedgerow, please reserve lifeguard services for the party with Pro Guard by calling 770-366-7927.  Payment can be made and submit payment to Pro Guard as follows:

Pro Guard Pool Management, Inc

3048 Alberta Drive

Marietta, Ga 30062

IMPORTANT:  Once you reserve your party on the Pool Party Calendar, it is your responsibility to coordinate payment and lifeguard arrangements with Pro Guard.

Pool Party Rules:

  1. Private Parties may be scheduled from 8:00am through 10:00pm on Wednesdays for Hedgerow I pool and Tuesdays for Hedgerow V pool.
  2. One (1) lifeguard is sufficient for every 25 people estimated to be in attendance.  One (1) additional lifeguard is required for any party involving teenagers, college-age people, or if alcohol is served at the covered area (No alcohol is permitted in the pool enclosure).
  3. On days when a pool party is scheduled, the covered area can also be reserved for the party.  Residents are asked to respect the privacy of the party guests.
  4. A sign will be posted on the main pool gate noting the time the pool party is scheduled.  There will be NO Swim at Your Own Risk hours during a scheduled pool party.  If there are members swimming when the lifeguard arrives to guard a party, he/she will ask the members to leave the pool until the party is over.
  5. The host may be required to pay a $100 security deposit and is ultimately responsible for any damage that may result from the party regardless of the dollar amount. Checks should be made to the Hedgerow Homeowners Association and given to the pool chairperson at the time that the party is reserved.
  6. The host will be charged $25 per hour per lifeguard, with a 2 hour minimum.
  7. A pool party requires one adult chaperone per every 10 people under the age of 18 attending the party.
  8. The host must be present at all times.  It is also the responsibility of the host to make sure the pool and covered areas are clear of trash and debris (including balloons & strings) at the end of the party and before the lifeguard closes the pool.

Hedgerow I Pool Committee: 

Geri Schitea:  gerischitea@bellsouth.net

All can be reached via email as follows:  contacthhoa@gmail.com

Hedgerow V Pool Committee:   

Mike & Val Millard: valmillard52@gmail.com

All can be reached via email as follows:  contacthhoa@gmail.com

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