Important Dates!

Annual Homeowners Meeting
Wednesday October 18   at 7:30 pm
Simpson Middle School
Trash bulk Item Curbside Pickup
Thursday October 26
Place up to 3 large items next to your garbage can so American disposal Services will take them that day only. The next large item pickup will be in April.
Halloween Pizza Party
Tuesday October 31 at  6:00 pm
Pizza and drinks provided

Need Architect

Hello neighbors,
If you are an architect we need your help!!! If you would like to help us with the clubhouse project, please contact me at 404-403-8140.
Thank you,
Geri Schitea
HHOA Board

Board Members Needed

Hello everyone!
Two of our board members plan to vacate their seats after October. We will need 2 volunteers to fill those seats. One is Grounds chair and the other Pool chair. Please consider volunteering and making a difference in your community.
Call or text me at 404-403-8140 if you want to volunteer.
Thank you!
Geri Schitea
HHOA Board

Improper use of Tennis Courts

Hello neighbors,
There is evidence of improper use of the tennis courts. Be aware that the tennis courts are for playing tennis only.
Do not allow your pets, kids with bikes / skates / scooters / balls, or anything not involving playing tennis, into the tennis courts.
Improper use of the courts leads to damage that then calls for repairs that are not in our budget. When the courts get damaged it costs all of us money to repair.
Thank you for your cooperation.
HHOA Board

Proposed Covenant Amendments Summary

Hello everyone!
Please read and vote YES to pass these proposed amendments to our covenants. Please help make your community better and help our home values increase.

The first 3 documents are a summary of the proposed amendments. The ballot is the last document here, for those of you that have not voted yet, please do so and send the ballot via email to

If you have questions/need further explanations or clarifications about the amendment proposal please CALL ME 404-403-8140
Thank you!


More About Rentals

Here is an article in the Wall Street Journal from this past weekend, July 22/23. It describes what the company that approached Hedgerow wants to do, like many other companies that buy homes in neighborhoods for the sole purpose of renting.
PLEASE cast your ballot!


Proposed covenant amendment summary