Street Parking

Hello Hedgerow,

It has come to the attention of the board that there is an excessive amount of cars parked on certain streets in our neighborhood that block traffic, particularly in Hedgerow 5. Parking your car on the street is allowed, unless the flow of traffic is blocked. If an emergency vehicle is unable to reach a home due to cars parked on both sides of the street, lives can be lost and I know that is the last thing anyone wants. Please be mindful of this and park your car in your driveway. It is safer to park all your cars in your driveway and if someone needs to leave, move cars around, rather than risk problems during an emergency.

Below is the Cobb County Ordinance:


Vehicles must be parked along the curb, facing in the direction of traffic flow, have a valid tag and be operational. Vehicles may not be parked in designated No Parking areas, where they block access to private driveways or where they restrict the safe flow of traffic. There are no county restrictions on the length of time a vehicle may be parked on a residential street. Parking in the roadway is enforced by police.

Vehicles may not be parked in the grass or unimproved surface between the roadway and the home’s front setback. In the R-30, R-20, R-15, R-12, RD, RA-4, RA-5 zoned districts, parking allows only one vehicle, one boat, and one recreational vehicle (or any combination of such totaling three) in the rear or side yard on a hardened surface.

In the R-40, R-80, RR zoned districts, any combination of boats and recreational vehicles exceeding three must be screened from public roadways via a buffer (approved by the Cobb County Landscape Architect) or fencing. No materials, equipment or business vehicles may be stored or parked on the premises, except for one business vehicle used exclusively by the resident. A business vehicle with a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight greater than 12,500 pounds is not allowed to be parked on residential property.”

Thank you,

Geraldine Schitea


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